INST 126

Introduction to Programming for the Information Professional
This course is an introduction to computer programming for students with very limited or no previous programming experience. Topics include fundamental programming concepts such as variables, data types, assignments, arrays, conditionals, loops, functions, and I/O operations.

INST 362

User-Centered Design
This course is an introduction to human-computer interaction (HCI). This course focuses on how HCI connects psychology, information systems, computer science, and human factors. User-centered design and user interface implementation methods discussed include identifying user needs, understanding user behaviors, envisioning interfaces, and utilizing prototyping tools, with an emphasis on incorporating people in the design process from initial field observations to summative usability testing.

INST 808

Seminar in Research Methods and Data Analysis
INST 808 is a graduate-level seminar course that covers different topics within research methods and analysis. In the Spring 2019 term, we focused on conducting qualitative research to understand behavioral and social aspects of technology use and inform technology design. The course includes a focus on study design, data collection, and analysis. Students engage in a hands-on project involving qualitative data collection and analysis that culminates in a research paper about a topic of their choice.